General Usage Rental Space

Looking for a rental space in Grande Prairie? You don’t have to have a specific reason to gather at the Ingram Centre. Regardless of your reason, we are here to meet your event needs and serve as your support during your rental period with us.

Contact us today to learn more about pricing and availability!

Event Venue Prairie
Event Venue Prairie

All rental options at the Ingram Centre include but are not limited to the great services listed below:

  • Free, secure Wi-Fi
  • A bar service option
  • Comfortable and spacious seating
  • Natural lighting
  • AV technology assistance
  • Restaurants within walking distance of our space.

Most importantly, the Ingram Centre staff is always on-site to assist you throughout your event in Grande Prairie. See how we can help your next rental experience become an unforgettable one. Whether you need a small, personal rental space or a bit more space for a small private gathering or training session, you’ll want to consider our space as an option.

Renting with the Ingram Centre is quick and easy. We’re available throughout the process to answer any questions you may have and provide any service that can improve your experience. Contact us today to learn more about pricing and availability!

For pricing and availability details, contact us today.